Bimodal Analytics Enablement Assessment



Participate in a Bimodal Advisory Enablement session to evaluate your organization's capabilities across both Mode 1 (IT-driven) and Mode 2 (business-driven) analytics and architect a governance model for your organization.

Discover ways of unifying these processes into a single self-improving workflow, identify areas of competency and improvement, and lay out a roadmap for future advancement.



  • Existing capability inventory
  • Data source exploration
  • Bimodal gap analysis
  • Governance standards
  • IT and business collaboration
  • Implementation roadmap
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"Well-executed bimodal analytics ecosystems give you all the tools you need to both address the daily questions coming from business stakeholders and maintain the regular, scheduled reports that deliver critical facts about your organization's performance."

-Scott Misage, BI Practice Lead, Ironside






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